Welder Suit, Welding Apron, Welding Sleeves,Welding Gaiters, Welding Helmet, Back Hand Pad.

Model :XU-092B
Brand : TIANYI


Welder Suit, Welding Apron, Welding Sleeves,

Welding Gaiters, Welding Helmet, Back Hand Pad.

This welding suit offer an all-sided protection, reduce tireness for the operators, it is radiation resistance, welding/cutting, molten metal splash protection, and so on, suitable for every electric welding application.

FEAATURES: Excellent Aluminum foil, high tensile nonflammable stitched. Every important stressed area is double-strengthened by layer leather and pot nails structure. The pot nails and buttons used are all electrical and heat insulation.

The collar can be turned upright to barricade the splashing of buring dusts from welding, the fire-retardant collar assures you of safety, comfort and sweat-absorption.

The upper part of the sleeve, connecting with the shoulder intenal linning brings easiness to put on.

The breast leather and design may prevent the burning welding dusts from splashing into the suit, the two-layer leather and pot nail-reinfo¬rced structure prevents tearing and separation of the suit.

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