Model :XU-009
Brand : TIANYI


•1. 100% teflon.

It has all the properties of teflon,resistant to all corrosive media.

•2. Soft,twistable and bendable at will.

Even gravely rusted and worn out sealing,superface, as long as it is used.the equipments may continue their service and keep its best performance.

•3. Excellent anti-wriggle variation ability and cold current resistence.

Even in case of cross change of temperature and pressure, good sealing can be assured.

•4. Pressure: 19.6MPa. Temperature:--286degree C 〜320degree C 

•5. Easily to be used and replaced

Just cut a certain length of the sealing ribbon then put it on the surface of the target, any formed & sized sealing ring can be obtained only its two ends are connected.

•6. Wide service scope

It can replace any asbestos -rubber gasket,steel-armoured gasket,metallic gasket,twined gasket,graphite filler and many other sealing materials. Application: diverse pipelines enamellde products,glass,rubber products, plastics,non-rusting graphite lining tower,heat-exchanger, etc.

•7. Great interchangeability

Only have several kinds of ribbons with general specifications,numerous requirments can be met. It's easy to store and purchase.

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